Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Changes, changes...

I haven't blogged in a few months.  Those of you who are close to me know that a lot has been going on in my life.  I spent the end of January, February, and March moving my belongings (You never truly realize how much junk you have until you have to move it all!) into our new condo.  I have lived in a total of 12 houses, two apartments, and one dorm in my life (so far!) so I think I am an experienced mover.  It's a pain.  Hopefully Jimmy and I will be in this condo for awhile.  We fell in love with this place when we first saw it on New Years Eve ane I fell so blessed to make it our first home as a married couple.  Yes, I said "married."  More about that later. (-:  I have always lived with a lot of other people - my parents, brothers, and a loooonnng list of roommates, but this is the first time having my "own" home.  Decorating has been a blast, and somewhat of an addiction for me.

So I haven't been logging as many miles these days with going to school and then in the beginning of March I found out that I had gotten a promotion to ECOE.  (Bank lingo - basically I take supervisor calls and assist bank branch associates with trouble shooting, bank policy and procedure, etc instead of taking frontline customer service calls.)  I was really concerned about applying for the promotion and almost didn't apply for it because it required six weeks of intense training starting March 14, and I was supposed to have a week of vacation prior to our March 26 wedding, not to mention that Jimmy and I had already booked our honeymoon for spring break, also during that period.  But my boss basically gave me a kick in the pants and told me to apply anyway.  She has always encouraged me and believed in my abilities.  I knew that these oppurtunities only come along once in awhile, so I applied and hoped for there would be some way to have my cake and eat it to.  I had my phone interview and in person interview, and then got the call from the recruiter...they wanted me.  I brought up my plans, and the recruiter was wonderful in expressing Bank of America's desire to work with their employees.  She said they had picked me for a reason and proceeded to jump through half a dozen hoops for me.  Amazingly, they had two training classes, so by joining the second class for the second portion of training I'm still able to go on our honeymoon. (We leave for Hawaii on Monday - so excited!)  So far I'm loving the challenge and extra brainwork required in my new position.

As for the wedding I just took one day off for the wedding, the day before.  I was surrounded by amazing people who helped me and it all just worked out beautifully.  Three of my five bridesmaids are married women and you know it wasn't these girls' first rodeos!  Somehow, with all the behind-the-scenes details, they made everything go off without a hitch on The Day.  Even the rain held off, just long enough for the outdoor ceremony and pictures.   I took my sweet dad's arm and went down that aisle, declared my undying love for my best friend in front of all the people I love and then partied the night away!  It was the perfect day.

So now for the real adventure...married life!  I get to add WIFE to my list of hats, and I am convinced God created me for this role along with the others.  I plan to live up to that as best I can, though I think I have it easy because I get to partner in the life with a man who is easy-going, forgiving, sweet, and without a fail can always make me at least smile and often laugh.  I have no doubt that he is exactly who God planned for me to marry, long before I had any idea there was a red-haired boy growing up in Fresno, California, who would one day steal my heart.

But that story is just beginning.  To be continued...